Special New Customer Pricing

Thinking About Making Your First Canvas Purchase?

Let Dave hook you up with an Epic First-Time Customer Price.

For a limited time only, David is offering new customers with special at-cost pricing (up to 65% off!).

To get your epic special price, either press the 'Chat Now' tab at the bottom right hand corner of the page,
or simply use the form at the bottom of this page (or any product page) - just be sure to include the piece(s)
you're interested, and roughly what size.  David Huting will then get back to you with your special price offer right away.

All that is asked in return is once you receive your epic canvas and find a home for it,
 send us a picture of it and tell us a quick statement about it to add to our Customer Reviews page.


"Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars on pay-per-click online advertising, 
I decided that I'd rather just hook my new customers up with their first 
canvas at my cost price.  I'm confident that you'll love your new piece so much
 that you won't be able to help but show it to all of your friends! " 
- David Huting
 Owner, EpicWallArt.com


Contact Dave for your special new customer price quote: 

We will make every effort to provide you with your special price within a few hours.

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