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"My 20 foot barren living room wall never looked so Epic!"  Working with David was an absolute breeze; I sent him measurements and my exact ideas for the display, and he delivered! Overall it was the best art buying experience I've ever had!"
- Kevan Lewis, Appleton WI January 2016

Kevan's pieces: "windows to another world" (big one) small ones: babe ruth, elephant, california republic & route 66
“I finally completed my empty wall!  Working with David and using the EpicWallArt.com site made this process very easy for someone like me that doesn’t have a decorator’s eye.  I sent David a picture of my empty wall (taken with my phone) and a few pictures I had in mine.   He sent back pictures of my room  with a few different photographs.   Each gave  the room a completely different feel.    The ability to see the art with your surroundings is invaluable.    I realized when I saw the pictures that my original first choice wasn’t the best, along with what size I wanted.  My picture arrived professionally, securely crated.  Working with David was a pleasure, he was very helpful and interested that I take my time to decide which I liked the best.  I didn’t feel pressured to make a decision or a purchase just because I sent in my photo with requests to see some pictures.”
- Sarah W.
Sarah's piece: "The Canyon Sun" 100" panoramic

Natalie's Picture

"We can see it from our whole upstairs which creates a beautiful backdrop. Everyone who comes here is in awe of them! Thank you for your beautiful work...the effect will be very long lasting with the calm energy it provides here in our home!" 
- Natalie K, San Diego CA, June 2016

her piece: "redwood forest sunlight" triptych

Beginning with Dave's truly beautiful, panoramic photograph of Big Sur, he was extremely willing and open to my questions and suggestions regarding changing it from color to B&W and then splitting it in two.  In the past I've encountered artists who refuse to modify their work to protect their artistic integrity. Dave realized that I had a vision and he helped me fulfill that vision without his ego getting in the way.  The result is pure bliss.  The large wall in our living room has been bare for 2 years b/c I just couldn't find the perfect piece(s).  Dave changed all of that and was such a pleasure to work with!  He's the definition of a true artist.

- Heather Richman
  Portola Valley, CA
March 2014
(shown: Lake Louise Canoes 90 x 54")
"LOVE IT!!!!"
"Our overall experience with our purchase was great.  I reached out to Dave early in the process and he was extremely responsive and took great care to ensure all our questions were addressed in a timely manner.  Given the overall dimensions of the canvases, Dave provided mock ups of how a particular piece would look on a given wall.  Measurements and scale were accurate and there were no surprises when the pieces actually went up.     We received each canvas in an individual box which was packed quite well.  While there was absolutely no damage to the artwork, packages arrived over a course of 3 days so that required a bit of coordination as someone needed to be home during those days to sign.  Perhaps this could be streamlined in the future and coordinated in a way to ensure all packages arrive on the same day.  This of course isn't an issue if you're only purchasing one piece but something to consider if you're ordering multiple large pieces. All in all, the entire process exceeded my expectations and both my wife and I are extremely happy with our purchase."
-Imran N
Portola Valley, CA
March 2014 
(shown: Parked in Paradise 120 x 80" 3-piece set.)

(shown: Palms of Paradise" 2 Piece 100" x 35". Yes, those are 8 feet tall.) 

"Just received my Big Sur Piece. Seriously, the website does not do justice. I love Big Sur...I hike there all year round and never tire of it. Now seeing McWay Falls everyday in my house...i won't have to go there so often:) Your Canvas Art is so beautiful...I feel like i'm right there...the picture is so alive and relaxing! I love every bit of it:) thank you so much! You are an amazing photographer! "

Sunita G
-San Francisco, CA

Hands down, this is a 10! The picture itself is amazing. The quality of color is beyond what I’d expect. And all the work I did to get this hung and level was absolutely worth the daily enjoyment I get out it. Also, my 7 year old daughter loves it. I sent a picture of this to a friend and his immediate remark was, “Wow! Beautiful.” That pretty much sums up my overall enjoyment. 
"Thank you very much for doing this for me [sending her a new flawless set]. You really didn’t have to, but I absolutely appreciate your extra mile customer service.  
Thanks again Dave!"
-Jacqueline S
San Jose, CA

her piece: "Above the Clouds" 75 x 25" (3) 25 x 25" Triptych Gallery Wrapped Set.

"This is a shot of our second purchase, and we are just as thrilled as our first.  Our guests rave 
at both the quality and composition of the pieces, and we enjoy them immensely. 
We are looking forward to our next addition from your gallery!"
-Andrew L
Chicago, IL

(Their pieces, left to right: "Maligne Canyon Falls" & "Johnston Canyon Falls", 50x18 Thick Wraps")

"My office doesn't have any windows. Needless to say, it gets pretty drab. Since I got my new art work,
I have the best view in the city. 
I have co-works constantly stopping by to admire it.  The detail is
spectacular!  Every time I admire the piece, I notice some new that I had seen before.  Everything is
crystal clear.  The image is just amazing. I'm going purchase some for my home in the future."

-Glenn L
Norman, OK

(Glenn's piece: a massive 100" Thick Wrap of "Moraine Lake Panoramic")

"My experience with David at EpicWallArt has been like no other, and for more than one reason!  It is obvious that David puts his customers and their satisfaction first, as he is motivated to create the perfect image for your home, office or personal space.  It was one of BEST purchasing experiences I have EVER had!  The images are unquestionably of the highest quality, and the craftsmanship is detail oriented.  I own a few a canvases, and nothing comes close to touching my custom Canadian Rockies piece.  That's why it gets center stage, above the sofa in the living room at my apartment home.  
I have to comment on how incredibly simple it was to hang my two piece canvas with the wall mounting system that was included.  Within minutes, I was able to level and align it perfectly... all on the first attempt!  
Considering the variety of stunning images that David offers, and the customer service that exceeds all expectations, there is no doubt that I will be purchasing many more canvases from EpicWallArt.com!"

Kyle T,
Minneapolis, MN
"We absolutely love the new piece!  We just had a party in our home this weekend and it was the hit.  “Wow”;
“That really makes the room”;  “Cool.  Where did you get that?”  were just a few of comments we heard. 
Attached is a photo of the room with your incredible photography.  We love your work and are really
impressed with the impact it has made on our room.  Thank you again for everything!"
Kathryn L,

San Diego, CA

(her piece: "Eifel Lights" 40x70" Thick Wrap)

"I now own 6 pieces from Dave and I am sharing a few pictures of them below. They are all
stunning and hang beautifully on my walls. The colors are vibrant and they compliment the decor
in our house very well. Dave is very easy to work with and works very hard to keep me happy.
Thanks Dave!"

-Nia J
Maple Grove, MN

"Glorious Glacier Sunrise" 80x48" Thick Wrap

"Oia Village Sunrise" 70x45" Thick Wrap

"I love the 4 Eiffel Tower pics!  The quality is great, they were easy to hang, and they look very classy on my wall.  My only regret is I did not purchase a larger size!  Thanks for the great photos Dave!"

-Jeff D
Chicago, IL

(his piece: "The Golden Tower" 4-Piece Canvas Wall Display)

"I have my canvases displayed in my room. I love them. They make good conversation
pieces when family and friends come visit. Thank you for sharing your talent!"
-Lucy A
Oklahoma City, OK

(her piece: "Four Falls Flowing" 4-Piece Canvas Set)

 "Thank you so much Dave for our canvas. We are really happy with the way it looks on our wall. It reminds us of our trip to Greece every time we have a meal in our dining room. It couldn't have been easier than if your gallery was a store in our local town. Very easy company to deal with online. Many Thanks!"

-Meagan W
NSW, Australia

(her piece: "Santorini Coastline" 50x20" Thick Wrap)

"As you can see, it works beautifully with the color of the piano over which it hangs. 
We are very happy with it, and have received many compliments on it.  Thanks Dave!"

    -Brian and Sarah D
Battle Ground, WA

their piece: "Mesa Arch Glow" 24x36"Thick Wrap
(have a specific color you're looking to match?  Send me a picture of the room
and I can suggest pieces that can complement your color scheme.)

"I love this! I haven’t been able to find a picture of the Trevi Fountain that I really liked until I saw this one.
I hung this in my dining room and we feel like we’re sitting right in front of this beautiful fountain each evening.
Friends will just stare at it as I do. We are so happy with this canvas, thank-you!!"

-David F
Virginia Beach, VA

(his piece: "Trevi Fountain" 70x42" Thick Wrap)

I am so happy with this print!  The quality is AMAZING. I can't believe the amount of detail that comes out in this massive print.  It is truly the highlight of my apartment and everyone who sees it makes a comment.  For the price it was a great deal, I have been recommending these prints to all of my friends.  Couldn't be happier with the print and it shipped fast!  Thanks Dave, keep up the good work!

-Sam H
Denver, CO

(Sam's piece: Peyto Lake Panoramic 100x34" Thick Wrap)

"Attached is a picture of the room we hung the piece in. It is a great fit and was the perfect size!  
We love the tranquility of the photo and it arrived safe and securely packed.  
The canvas and the frame are of good quality.  Thanks for the piece!"

- Alicia C
Miami, FL

(Alicia's piece: "Tahoe Cabin Panoramic" 50x15" Thick Wrap)

"This 100” long canvas is incredible. There is so much detail that I could not see from the website photo.
You’ve taken some awesome photographs. Thank-you so much!!"
David F
Virginia Beach, VA

(David's piece: "Valley of the Ten Peaks" 100x28")

"Great news. My print has arrived and it looks fantastic! As you can see, the new addition
offers a splash of inspirational, soothing color to an otherwise tight/bland office. I am very
pleased with my experience. Although order-to-delivery time is longer than from some
places, you can't rush quality and it was well worth the wait."
-Berend V
Bethesda, MD

(Berend's piece: "Tahoe Cabin Panoramic" 50x15" Thick Wrap)

"I recently ordered this from your website, and it looks great on my wall. I have no complaints - the sun, sky, and view are perfect. And I also appreciated the hanging hardware that came with it....thanks so much!"

-Dan H

(Dan's piece: Windows to Another World Panoramic 50x17" Thick Wrap)

 I LOVE this art piece and the canvases are absolutely perfect! Thank you so much and it's definitely more amazing in person! And I'm glad that I didn't settle for less to be displayed on my wall....coming from someone who is very picky about her art work! Anyway... I look forward to seeing what else you have to offer through your eyes. Thanks again David!
-Steph W
San Jose, CA

(Steph's piece: "The Arc" 88x55" 3-Piece Wall Display)

"I absolutely LOVE the wall art I purchased. It is simply beautiful, crisp, clear, clean, and remarkably easy to hang. My only regret is that I didn't buy more than one! After visiting your website, I am so undecided on which piece I want to purchase next. They are all so lovely. I have included a picture of where I finally decided to place the "Windows to Another World". Thanks for completing my bedroom!

-Kathy M
(piece: "Windows to Another World" Panoramic 50x17" Thick Wrap)

"We love not only the portrait but the quality and ease of
hanging it. The packaging was also great. You are very talented and we
are definitely going to purchase more from you in the near future!"
-Jonathan D

(piece: "Golden Aspen Meadow" 50x17" Thick Wrap)

"Your 50 x 17 Windows to Another World Arches Panoramic arrived today and its was immediately hung in our recently completed master bath remodel. The browns and oranges of the panorama look good with our rugged landscape canyon tile.  The picture is super crisp and clear.  Just like we were there!"

-David & Judy B.
Colorado Springs, CO
(Their piece: "Windows to Another World" Arches Panoramic 50x17".)

"We are so pleased with our wall art!  Dave was easy to work with & helped us get everything together to make our wall look just the way we wanted.  The web site can't  begin to show the depth and detail of these beautiful pieces! All in all - smooth transaction and very pleased!"

-Venita & Russ D
New Mexico

(Piece: "Colors of Nature" 5-Piece Wall Display 68x68"
(Read about how she created her unique display here)

"We absolutely love the piece!  It is the perfect size for our family room and the colors really pop!  Every time we see it we are reminded of our honeymoon.  Your work is spectacular and the price simply cannot be beat!  We will definitely be choosing additional pieces to decorate our home."
-Amy & Jacob R, Oskaloosa, IA
(Piece: "San Francisco Sunset Rainbow" 60x19" Thick Wrap)
"Everyone that walks in my house falls in love with our piece - it looks awesome! 
We hung it in the living room and it looks AMAZING!  I want another!!" 
-Cari S,
Waterloo, IA
(piece: "Glorious Glacier Sunrise" 50x31" Thick Wrap)
I absolutely love this print! The colors are so vibrant. Every time I look at it
 I feel like I am actually there. It is breathtakingly beautiful!" 
- Jeannette L, FL
(Piece: Havasu Falls Flowing 17x28" Thick Wrap)
"David's canvas of Moraine Lake was a perfect gift for some friends of our church that were moving away.  This beautiful place in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada holds a special place in the hearts of this couple.  We had been looking for a picture of this spot to give to our friends in appreciation of their service to God in our church here in Calgary.   The  couple absolutely loved this piece and were absolutely speechless.  It was a very special way to say thank you to this couple. Further, working with Dave to ship it to us internationally in a time crunch was a breeze!" 

- Bo N, Calgary, Alberta | Date: 12/16/11
(Piece: "Moraine Lake Iconic" 60x19" Thick Wrap)
"I was blown away by the quality and color of my canvas!  It looks amazing on the wall and is a conversation starter every time someone sees it." 

-Jamie T, Santa Rosa CA
(Piece: "San Francisco Sunset Rainbow" 60x19" Thick Wrap)
My glacier sunrise canvas looks awesome on my wall and I show it off to everyone that comes through the house. It's great detail and colors are amazing and I couldn't be happier with it. The website is very user friendly with enough variety to keep you searching for pretty much anything you're looking for.  David puts a lot of work into his photos and has a clear talent for capturing a moment in time for everyone to enjoy."

-Evan R, Des Moines, IA
(Piece: "Glorious Glacier Sunrise" 24x36" Thick Wrap)
" I really LOVE my canvas.  I've had several friends see it and they love how the canvas just pops out.  It goes so well with my wall coloring, and it is extra special because the picture was taken right here in Waterloo.  David goes above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect.  I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks again!"

-Linda H
Waterloo, IA
(Piece: Autumn on the Cedar River 24x36" Thick Wrap)

"I found EpicWallArt.com through a friend on Facebook.  When I went into the website my jaw dropped when I saw the beautiful landscapes.  I received my order a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier.  Dave Huting is incredibly talented.  I would recommend his work to anyone. I should also mention the quality of the work and framing is superb. This is the first of many that I will be ordering - I can't wait."

-Christian D,
Chesterbrook, PA 
(Piece: Havasu Falls Flowing 17x28" Thick Wrap)
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