Create Your Own Epic Wall Art Canvas Print

Collaborate with David Huting - by combining your favorite images with his expertise 

and dedication -  to create a your very own memorable & unique piece of Epic Wall Art! 
featured Create Your Own Customer Canvas customer review:

"Just wanted to let you know that the canvas pieces came out beautifully. I am very impressed with the quality of the pieces and your personal dedication in producing these works of art. They complete my home. The quality of the custom framing, the hanging hardware, and the shipping packaging were all first rate. Truly EPIC! 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks Dave!"
-Bryan S
Houston, TX
(Bryan's pieces included multiple big, bright, 80x20" Thick Wraps.)
Frequently Asked Questions & How it Works: 
Creating Your Own Piece of Epic Wall Art
How do I know my image will look great once printed on canvas?
Included in the below print pricing, David Huting will personally review your image
before printing.  Once reviewed, he will make any edits necessary in order to create
a final image that is bursting with color and brightness. Prior to printing, he will send 
you a conceptualization to show how your piece will look on canvas for you to review.

How big can I print my piece?

David Huting will personally review the resolution of your image and let you know
how big he'll be able to print at before confirming your piece size.

How should I send you my image?

David Huting recommends you submit the highest resolution version (biggest file size)
available of your image to using the website

What is the best file format to print?

The preferred format is a .TIFF file at 250dpi resolution.  JPEG is also accepted.
Further, David Huting can accept RAW files direct from your camera, for images in need
of major retouching.  (Raw files hold a much higher resolution than JPEG).

Can I turn my  image into a Black & White? If so, how much does this cost?

Yes.  This service is included free in the pricing below.  David Huting will send you your
 converted black & white image for your review prior to printing, to make sure you like the look.

Can I see a conceptualization of my image on canvas before printing?

Yes - a 3D concept is available upon request and available at no additional charge.
Further, if there is a specific color wall you'd like to see it on, please include this information
with your file and David Huting will attempt to match this color on the conceptualization.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is a flat rate of $15 per order. 
You can include as many canvases as you'dlike and it remains $15 per order. 

Is my satisfaction guaranteed?

Yes - your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.  However, refunds and reprints are only
accepted for reasons pertaining to quality - e.g. defects or flaws in the piece.
If you're not sure how your piece is going to look, please request a free concept
prior to placing your order.

Are custom sizes available?

Yes.  You can print up to 100" x 55" in total size.  Please refer to the pricing below to get a general
idea of how much this will cost.  A specific price quote will be sent for custom sizes.

What sort of "wrap" options are there?

Included with the price, you can choose between a Gallery Wrap - the image itself wraps
around the sides of the piece - or a Color wrap - either in black or white. 

How do I prepare my images for the gallery wrap?

To ensure that important parts of your image do not get wrapped around the sides of the canvas, you need
to ensure that Thin Wraps have .75" on each edge and Thick Wraps have 1.625" around each edge. 

What are your print prices for creating my own Epic canvas?

Refer to the below table for the print pricing.  Included free in the pricing is a professional edit,
a free conceptualization of your image as a canvas, the ability to convert your image to black & white
and a free size assessment confirming how big you can print.

What sort of Mounting Hardware is included?
To offer you the best available price, all Create Your Own pieces come with hardware already 
installed, so all you will need is a hammer and a nail.  No dust covers will be included.
(You can request one if you'd like for an additional $15.)

How does the order process work?

1. Send your high resolution file to using the WeTransfer service for large files.
In the notes section on the WeTransfer page, please include the size you are interested in printing at.

2. Once received, David Huting will review your file and send you details regarding your piece.
Included in this email will be a free concept along with a link to checkout and place your order.

3. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with the FedEx tracking information so you know
just when to expect your new piece!

Still have questions?

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