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At age 31, David Huting has spent the last decade building a reputation for traveling to epic places and capturing the essence & beauty of them through the creation of ultra high quality digital images and cinematic video. Along with his eye for the shot comes Huting’s professional background in sales & customer service, e-commerce website development, graphic design, and more – all culminating into a creative professional that can work fast and produce results that speak for themselves.

     Internationally recognized as a pioneer in the of field nature video production, Huting's niche video brand Nature Relaxation continue to help millions of people around the world relax and find peace through re-connecting to nature, and are currently being utilized globally in many exciting applications, including high-tech cancer research and treatment centers, brainwave training programs, PTSD treatment research, and much more. 

Learn more about Dave's creative services on his main site http://www.DavidHuting.com

2015 media kit

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