Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wall Art Piece

Often a do-it-yourselfer or even a trained professional carpenter has no idea what to do with a room once it`s been completely remodeled. What kind of artwork to put on the walls is as foreign to them as the inner workings of a nuclear reactor.  In this article, we share some tips to help you select and decide on the perfect artwork to complement your new space.

When you have this nice, shiny room completely remodeled, it would be a shame to let it sit unadorned for too long. One way to completely change the look and feel of a room is through the use of wall art. These are paintings and pictures that help to accentuate the colors and decor of the room and which reflect your personality.

The first step to the perfect wall art is to take a good hard look at the room and what types of furniture and accessories are already there. The wall art should reflect the decor that already exists in the room. An easy example of this is if your entire room is based on an Asian motif, putting pictures and paintings of Paris, France wouldn`t make much sense and would be a design nightmare.

If the room has a particular theme, the artwork on the walls should reflect that theme. For example, if your room is based on a theme of classic cinema, wall art could include framed pictures of your favorite movies and pictures of old drive-ins and movie theaters etc.

The colors of the wall art should also complement the existing decor in the room. Unless you are specifically going for an eclectic or hodgepodge design style, clashing colors can make the room a design eyesore.

When it comes to artwork, if you are going for a country or laid back theme, pastoral and country scenes are perfect. If the room has a more modern look, modern art and clean lines fit better.

When it comes to photography, it too should reflect the feel of the room. What makes photos great is they provide a very clear idea of the type of imagery you want associated with the room. Black and white photos can provide a sense of nostalgia and mystery. Colorful photos can make the room feel brighter and uplifting. This is, of course, dependent on the subject of the photography as well. If you are going for a more serious tone, black and white often conveys that better than color.

Another aspect that a person should consider is the amount of art on the wall. If you have a large signature piece, then less is more. The large wall art acts as a focal point for anyone entering the room and having too much to distract from it can make the room look too busy. That being said, if you don`t have a single focal piece, creating a mural out of photos and other wall art can be a great way to create the signature piece without having a single picture.

One aspect of choosing wall art that cannot be stressed enough is that the art should reflect you. Don`t decorate the room based on what you think other people will like but on what you will like. Odds are you will be the one in the room the most, so you`ll want to put up wall art that fulfills your artistic passions & interests, and not someone else`s. Also, Try getting inspiration from websites such as, or do a Google search for interior design tips.  

Article by Amanda Haines, guest writer.