Ten Tips to Help You Update & Enjoy Your Favorite Space


Have you started to notice that your home could use a little bit of an update? When was the last time that you painted or purchased something new for the walls? Interior design does not need to be complicated. Anyone can look around and make small changes that all together create a new look and feel for the space. Here are ten tips to help you update your home and enjoy your space.


1. Change the Wall Color  
It is often said that changing the color of a room is the least expensive way to get the biggest change in any space. Consider picking a focal wall and paint it a color that complements the rest of the space.
2. New Artwork for the Walls  
If you have been staring at the same piece of art for an extended amount of time, you feel like your space is a little stale. Instead, look for a large piece that will attract a person`s eye when they walk into the room. Even small changes to the art down the hall or around the room can make a huge difference.
3. Rearrange the Furniture  
Most people put their furniture along the outside walls of any space. In fact, it could be one of the biggest mistakes that most people make when they go to plan out a room. Instead, move things closer together to create places for people to sit and enjoy one another`s company. By moving the furniture, the space gets a new look and the residents get a new perspective when they sit down and relax.
4. Change the Lighting
   If the room looks dark or isn`t very cheery, bringing in an infusion of new light can help. Lamps can easily blend into the background, or they can be a decoration in themselves. Lights on the walls or even coming from the ceiling can open up the space and create warmth.
5.  Add More Color to the Accessories  
Some people are worried about making a decorating mistake. To make sure that everything matches, they add in bland colors like beiges, browns and black to every type of color scheme. Don`t get stuck in a rut. Instead, choose colors that may not be prominently displayed on the walls or the furniture. Choose throw pillows that are a shade or two off to create more interest and depth.
6. Add a Rug  
It is tough to completely change a room`s flooring. Aside from being expensive, it takes a lot of work. Instead, look for a large rug that defines a certain area of the space.
7. Move the Things You Already Own Around  
Do you have a bookshelf that is filled with the same books, all stacked the same way? Change things up by creating different designs within the bookshelf. Take some of the books and lay them on their sides to create stacks of books. Add a favorite piece from around the room to sit in between the books. This is an easy way to update the space.
8. Keep the Things You Love  
Consider tossing out some of the things that are cluttering up your space. If you don`t love it, toss it. Then, if you want to find a replacement, choose something that you absolutely love.
9. Adding a Mirror  
 If you have a small space that you would love to expand, add a mirror to one of the walls.
It gives the illusion of extra space and can easily open up a room.
10. Change the Curtains  
Let more light in or keep more out with curtains. With the help of lined curtains, you can add to the look and change the amount of light that is filtered in. Choose curtain colors that complement the room.