A short (and rare) negative review from Epic Wall Art founder David Huting of the new Blink Art Resource (Art Design Consultants). Don't Blink or your money will dissappear! [SCAM ALERT]

by Epic Wall Art founder & owner David Huting

For many new artists and art-related businesses, the hardest area to justify spending money is on advertising with big art agencies and "consultants". My goal with this article is to help others learn from my mistake by sharing a negative experience we at Epic Wall Art had with Blink Art Resource.

One year after spending well over $1,000 with Blink has failed to generate even a single lead or potential customer. 

To add insult to injury, one of their main representatives sent me a follow up sales pitch email to see if I was interested in renewing. In my response, I clearly explained my deep dissatisfaction and frustration with the entire process (like not being told my full page ad was going to run at the very back of the book in wrong section), as well as my and unwillingness to pay them another dime. Further, as any paying customer that feels as if they have been ripped off should do: I ask for another go at their publication for free, or I was going to leave a negative review.  

Conclusion: Blink Art Resource is a big gamble, and unless you have a lot of extra cash, I would recommend focusing on finding buyers by marketing to them directly or creating an Epic Wall Art online gallery to sell your work online (click here to apply.). In short, Buyers Beware!

Did you know that every aspect of your Epic Wall Art experience is guaranteed or your money back? At Epic Wall Art, offering next-level customer service and operating with transparenty and integry is what we are all about! Read the reviews and see for yourself!

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