"Golden Aspen Meadow" 2-Piece Fine Art Canvas Wall Display "Golden Aspen Meadow" 2-Piece Fine Art Canvas Wall Display "Golden Aspen Meadow" 2-Piece Fine Art Canvas Wall Display


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"Golden Aspen Meadow" 2-Piece Fine Art Canvas Wall Display

Open up any wall to a view filled with golden forest skies with this stunning two-piece canvas set featuring  two vibrant images from a hidden aspen meadow during the peak of autumn. This 2-piece set is perfect for adding a theme to multiple walls or displaying together for a double effect.

"Golden Aspen Meadow" 2-Piece Set by David Huting

The above image is a conceptualization; please measure your walls to ensure a proper fit.
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Mounting Hardware Included
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in just a few minutes; all you need is a screwdriver and a hammer.
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