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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Canvas Print?
A canvas print is a digital image that has been carefully color corrected and printed on fine art canvas paper, similar to what is used on paintings. The result is stunning: a hybrid mix between a digital image and a vibrant painting.   

What is a Gallery Wrap?
A gallery wrap is a canvas print that has been professionally UV coated and then hand-stretched around a custom made internal wooden frame.  This delicate frameless process creates what is known as a Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.

Why Are Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints Superior to Regular Prints?
Gallery wrapped canvas prints are superior to a framed picture for several reasons; with a canvas, there is never any glare - the more light that hits them, the brighter they appear.  Further, they are much lighter in weight compared to a heavy glass-framed print.  Overall, it's just a much higher quality medium for showcasing a stunning image. 

What Sort of Frame / Mount Options Are There?
Gallery Wrap Mount
The image "wraps" around the edges of the picture, giving it the effect of protruding out from the wall.  Gives the image a "3D" effect.  The sides are 1.5 inches thick.

Color Wrap Mount
The image only covers the front of the piece; the 1.5" thick sides of the piece are available in either white or black.

Framed Gallery Wrap ("Floating Frame")

First, your piece is stretched just as a normal gallery wrap. Then, we inset it into a custom-sized, beautiful black or walnut wooden frame.  Because there is no glass, and because of the way the piece inserts into the frame, it gives it a very unique "floating" effect!

No Mount (Just the Rolled Canvas - no Frame)
Ideal for international orders, rolled canvases allow the UV coated fine art canvas print to be carefully rolled up and shipped for a fraction of the cost of a gallery wrapped canvas.
NOTE: THIS OPTION IS NOT RECOMMENDED UNLESS YOU ALREADY HAVE A PLAN TO STRETCH AND MOUNT THE PIECE, OR YOU HAVE YOUR OWN FRAME SHOP LINED UP. (In most cases the price you'll save from buying the rolled canvas is less than it will cost you to get it stretched on your own, and you lose the guarantee against defects resulting from stretching.)

How do I hang my Epic Wall Art Piece?
Prints Larger Than 60"
Every piece over 60"(and some smaller) now come with a new Wireless Hanging system, free of charge. See the below video for instructions on how it works:

Prints Smaller Than 60"
Depending on the size of your piece, you'll either receive the same wireless hanging system, a beehive hanger,sawtooth hanger, or simple D hooks to which all you need to do is hang them on a nail (not included.) 

What if I Don't like my Artwork or if There is a Defect?
Relax - your purchase is guaranteed 100%.  If you're not happy with your print for any reason, Dave will send you a replacement canvas the next-day for no additional cost. (you may be required to send a swatch of the defective canvas to prove it has been destroyed.)  
If you're still not satisfied with your purchase, he'll refund your full purchase price.
*NOTE* this does not cover refunds because the piece doesn't "fit". Always request a free 3D conceptualization prior to buying to ensure fit with your design theme.

How Will I know my Artwork is Going to Last?
Take comfort and confidence in knowing that every canvas sold on is backed by an unrivaled 100% satisfaction & lifetime quality guarantee.  You won't find this anywhere else. 
Click to learn more about the Epic Wall Art guarantee.

How Long Will it take for My New Piece to Arrive?  
For each order, the image is carefully edited and prepared for print.  As such, all orders usually take about 10 business days to arrive; in  extreme cases, it can be up to three weeks. (You will receive email notifications with your Fedex Tracking # as soon as your canvas ships.)  

What if I need it faster?

Rush shipping is available at an additional $50 and will guarantee your canvas within one week.
To request rush shipping, simply select it during shipping options at checkout.

Who Took These Pictures? How much Resolution is in Each Image?
Every image you'll find here on was shot by David Huting, unless otherwise stated.   Each image was also carefully edited at full resolution by Dave, ensuring a final image that is bursting with color and detail.
The resolution of each image is amazing - each picture contains immaculate details.  At the same time, the canvas medium offers a "painting" effect, creating a hybrid between a digital picture and a piece of stunning painted artwork that is best described by the word EPIC.  
Click here for more information about the images.

S U P P O R T I N G    I M A G E S
Each carefully packaged piece comes bursting with color & detail

a 20x10" Thick Wrap (1.5")

enlarged to show fine detail - the "painterly" effect 
1.5" Thick Wrap

thick-wrap canvas with dust-cover and wireless mounting hardware
(included on pieces over 60")

Pieces smaller than 60" but still over a certain weight will receive this hanging
hooks already installed; all you need is a hammer and a nail.

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