See It On Your Wall Before You Buy It: How To Request a Free Conceptualization

One of the main reasons separating Epic Wall Art from most other art sites is our personalized, custom conceptualization service, which allows you to visualize exactly what your piece is going to look like on your wall before you buy it - taking away the stress & pressure that normally comes along with buying the right art piece.


1) Take a picture of the wall(s) you want to find beautiful art for, by using your phone or camera - and if possible, take measurements.  (Try and show as much of the room in the picture as possible to aid visualizing how it fits with the decor.)

2) Search the gallery for the pieces you like and include the names along with your email. (Can't find the right piece? Simply suggest the type of imagery you want and we can make some suggestions - e.g. color, theme, or location.)

3) SEND the email with the picture of your blank wall and suggested pieces, and include any ideas you have about further customization requests. (ex: "I want it to be broken up into four panels" or "I want it in black & white") Send them to (or to submit them faster, you can start Live Chat and attach them directly to the chat!)  

That's it! We'll respond within 24 hours with a free 3D concept including prices.



What Is Included In the "Art Consultation"?
Within 24 hours (typically much sooner) you will receive an email back from the artist with set of free 3D concepts,  suggesting an array of pieces and sizes. This will help you visualize it them the wall.  From here, we can fine tune the pieces you like the most.  If you like what you see, and the price is right, then simply checkout and enjoy your brand new, custom made artwork within 1-2 weeks:)

What Types of Pieces are Possible?
Anything, and everything.  You are the artist as well.  The only limitations are the dimensions of 100" x 55" per panel. (And your budget.)

Can I Use My Own Image(s)?
Yes.  If you want to create epic wall art from your own images, simply send them to me 
for a free assessment and recommendation on size.

What Do You Mean by "No Obligation"?

It means that should you not be happy with any concepts we send you, and should we not be able to find a piece that inspires you, there is zero obligation to make a purchase.

Still Have Questions?
Click the Live Chat tab, (bottom right of any page) for immediate service.

Ready to Upload us a Picture of Your Empty Walls?
(To upload, either email us the images to or click on the button above to start chat and then click on the paperclip button to attach your image. Include the measurements if possible and the piece(s) you are interested in. We'll get back to you with a rendering within 24 hours!)

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