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Interior Designers: Introducing Your New Source for Custom Art
Now you can work directly with David Huting to create an artwork package custom suited to your
individual project needs.  Home, business, or both - there's an infinite array of possibilities at your disposal.
Conveniently browse pieces by color, shape, location, and inspiration type.


Infinite Possibilities for Custom Pieces
Have a specific wall size, shape, color, or design "feel" you need the perfect artwork to complement?
With thousands of pieces at your disposal, finding a one-stop-shop for every project has never been easier.
David Huting will work with your specific project needs to promptly provide you with everything you need to
make your design a success, and make sure your client is thrilled.

Special Project Pricing
Qualifying designers will be eligible to save several hundreds of
dollars on each project thanks to special artwork pricing, ensuring you're getting the best deal to fit your
project and your client's budget, while still leaving you room to make an extra commission.

One-of-A-Kind Artwork Available Nowhere Else
Take pride and assurance in your client's satisfaction knowing that the artwork
purchased direct from is completely unique artwork available
nowhere else in the world.  You won't find this from anywhere else.

One on One Customer Service Direct With the Artist
Custom artwork solutions have never been easier! Enjoy the
benefits of working directly with the artist in a way that's never been done before. 
Free 3D conceptualizations, timely estimates & quotes, and fast turnaround for custom pieces-
not to mention a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every single piece of artwork you purchase.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee For Your Client

Take confidence in knowing that every piece of artwork purchased through
is 100% guaranteed to arrive in flawless condition, and is fully backed by an unconditional,
two year guarantee.  Should any issues arise with your client's new art,  they can contact
David Huting directly for a prompt resolution of whatever issue it is they are having.

Referral Bonuses
Refer with your industry colleagues and receive further
discounts and commissions for your service! Inquire with Dave for more details.

Ready to Take Your Design to the Next Level? 
Contact David Huting Using the Below Form to Get the Process Started:

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