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"Moraine Lake Panoramic" Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print "Moraine Lake Panoramic" Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print "Moraine Lake Panoramic" Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print "Moraine Lake Panoramic" Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print


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"Moraine Lake Panoramic" Fine Art Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

Moraine Lake, nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, is arguably the most beautiful lake in the world, and you can probably see why. The blue water is caused by what is known as 'rock flour' - a finely ground limestone powder that is a product of the glaciers eroding the towering mountains as the ice shifts atop them. As winter snows melt, the powder is carried into the lake, which refracts this remarkably unique color blue. It's as if the lake is glowing.

This stunning print is a result of 24 combined exposures, painstakingly blended together to ensure a final image that is bursting with color and detail.

It's inspiration of the interior kind.

The above image is a conceptualization only; be sure and measure your wall to ensure a proper fit.

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