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Selecting the Perfect Artwork To Complement Your Redesign / Remodel

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wall Art Piece _____________________________________________________________________________________ Often a do-it-yourselfer or even a trained professional carpenter has no idea what to do with a room once it`s been completely remodeled. What kind of artwork to put on the walls is as foreign to them as the inner workings of a nuclear reactor.  In this article, we share some tips to help you select and decide on the perfect artwork to complement your new space. ____________________________________________________________________________________ When you have this nice, shiny room completely remodeled, it would be a shame to let it sit unadorned for too long. One...

Ten Tips to Help You Update & Enjoy Your Favorite Space

Ten Tips to Help You Update & Enjoy Your Favorite Space _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you started to notice that your home could use a little bit of an update? When was the last time that you painted or purchased something new for the walls? Interior design does not need to be complicated. Anyone can look around and make small changes that all together create a new look and feel for the space. Here are ten tips to help you update your home and enjoy your space. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Change the Wall Color   It is often said that changing the color of...

Art For Physical Healing

Nearly all people will recognise how art can be a comforting presence in their lives, whether it is as moral support or just something enjoyable to go and see. However, visual art has a potential to be far more than this. It is an amazing form of therapy for people with varied conditions, with a capacity to help and heal many aspects of the human body and mind. All of these benefits, from relaxation to muscle-development, can be attained while participants are enjoying themselves; by experiencing beautiful paintings, and by creating them for themselves.

The Healing Effects of Visual Art

THE HEALING EFFECTS OF VISUAL ART an article by Eve Pearce   Beauty is the Most Effective Medicine Visual art is a good way of relaxing yourself and putting you in a positive mind frame. Looking at a beautiful picture or moving image is guaranteed to raise your spirits and get you ready for life’s challenges. However it isn’t just a mental pick-me-up; research suggests that it could also have physical benefits for the observer. The results of a study conducted by neurologist Dr Marina de Tommaso and his team of researchers at the University of Bari in Italy indicate...

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